Our benches are now along with the instruments our most important utensil in appearances  –  video 1  – video 2 . We use it both as a label board (sign with the lettering "Landsberger Tanzlmusikanten"), and for the traditional Bavarian benchdance. This dance inspired us and our listeners much because he is so versatile. So be included employees to lift the mood at business parties. At weddings, the groom, who is indeed usually always used to all sorts of embarrassing games, must show off with tact and sportiness. If he does not like it, he can of course also call other men (or women) of the wedding party. When we used the bench in the beer Garden of the Seehof in Herrsching - at the waterfront - all passers-by had to stop, because our bench together with dancers stood in the way. One or the other has meanwhile ordered a beer - that pleased the host, and the exhausted cyclists or hikers got an unplanned break. We have the bench with us in any case, and when the bus is late we can sit on it and wait.