Ever since a bridal couple asked in the summer of 2011, if we could play also for the legs of the audience, we said of course "yes". We now know that "bavarian dancing " at weddings, corporate events and also on the "Oidn Wiesn" (historic octoberfest) well received. Our dance master Marc Kiffe teaches not only dance moves - no, he also brings together the respective group closer by dancing in formation by frequent partner exchange. So, the boss is dancing on the company party only shortly with his secretary, because then even the trainees parries (bavarian team building). At the wedding, the motto of the "Boarischen" (bavarian) is "auseinand und wieder zam" (apart and together): Motivated couples are separated, to be reunited after a tour to view soon. In addition to the "Boarischen" the starpolka or "Zwiefache" are teached and if worst comes to worst our musicians also help out.